San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

A very special and tranquille place where you can relax, enjoy the silence and beauty of the forest with wonderful multiple views of the Pacific Ocean. Our beachfront houses for rent have different magnificent sea views and are properly located in the edge of the forest. You will enjoy the characteristic sound of howler monkeys and birds. In the green season, you can enjoy nature the most and experience the monkeys directly outside the villas. In this period it mostly rains 1-2 hours after 2 pm with sun several hours most of the days – and always with variations of a fresh breeze from the ocean.

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We rent the villas by day, week or month. All beach houses for rent have TV with approximately 100 channels and WIFI inside and around the houses. But we believe that when you visit you will forget about that, and only be together with your family or friends and enjoy these unique surroundings and views.
We do not have a restaurant, but our staff can cook for you, if requested. Any support you require can be coordinated locally by our staff.That way we can provide you with highly personalized services.

Villas Playa Maderas is managed by Madera Management Company S.A.