Most famous surfing beach in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

In front of our houses for rent is located the most famous surfing beach in Nicaragua. Competitions for surf championchips have been here – with camera teams on the edges of our property 30 m below sea level. So imagine there are some very good views for surfers to the waves. The beach has several views, each of unparalleled beauty. You can also enjoy from Villas Playa Maderas the spectacular view best known as the Majahual’s Rock. To the south in the infinite you can see the mountains located in Costa Rican territory.

BeachfrontMany people enjoy surfing or swimming in these waters – which often not are for children. You can rent a surf board locally near the beach – or we can arrange what you wish. There are surf sticks around your rental villa – or you can lock your surf board inside the house. As you have your own beach access – you can take your surf board under your arm and go directly from your rental villa to the waves – when you see the right waves are there for you. At the same time the rest of your family can do what they want around or inside the house.

Surfing beach

Each evening at your beachfront house you can sit outside and enjoy a beautiful sunset – and maybe grill at the same time if you wish.

You can choose how you want your meals: You can cook in the kitchen – or let our personel cook for you in your kitchen. Or use the grill outside. Or you can go to one of the
local restaurants – or phone them and order something brought to your house. On both sides of the property there are local restaurants with local food.

You have your own environment at the property and around your rental
Playa madera beach beachfront villa – and a surf beach environment and also a very local environment at the beach and around the property.

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